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Ideon Agro Food, IDAF was founded in 1986 and since then we’ve been involved in more than 500 different projects within the food segment.

IDAF is a foundation representing companies in the food industry as well as science from the University of Lund and Swedish University of Agriculture, Alnarp. That means a strong and broad platform to run innovation projects in purpose to develop processes and new products for a demanding and fast growing food segment. Security, safety and sustainable acting are the leading key words.

Our business idea is simple. We are the brooker between a good idea and the food market. Which means that we offer project processes involving highly qualified project managers from the universities and competence från ”farm to fork”. We work with entrepreneural tasks together with small and medium enteprise as well as bigger companies and within the whole value chain of food.

Our scientific competences:

  • Horticulture – plant breeding
  • Food technology
  • Packaging logistics
  • Process technology
  • Bio technology
  • Enzyme technology
  • Business, administration and marketing
  • Machine design
  • Medicine – analysis
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Food waste

Sweden and the Baltic region

Our working areas are Sweden and the countries around the Baltic sea. From mainly a regional business idea we have expanded our market area to be the bridge between the countries on both sides of the Baltic sea.

Please, feel free to discuss your project ideas with us!

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Lennart Lindahl,

CEO, Ideon Agro Food


Phone +46 705 13 86 49